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10 Tips To Get Your HVAC System Ready For Summer

June 16, 2022 | Blog

Texas heat is no joke, especially in summer. Time by the pool, concerts, and backyard barbecues are all tons of fun! But when you get home, you’ll be looking for that much-needed cool air. When you take care of your AC unit, you can ensure that your system is ready for that summer heat.

HVAC Prevention Tips For Summer

At Air Tech of Humble, heating and cooling systems are our bread and butter. So, our team has put together some helpful tips to help homeowners prevent strain on their central air systems this summer. By following these tips, you can make sure that your unit is ready to cool your home all summer long:

1. Air Conditioning Care: Annual AC Maintenance

The best way to make sure that your HVAC system is ready for any weather is by taking care of it throughout the year. By scheduling annual maintenance checks with a trusted HVAC company, you can ensure that your system is always running smoothly. After all, no one knows more about cooling systems than the experts! To make sure that your system is ready for summer, you’ll want to schedule an AC tune-up a few months before that heat is here.

2. Air Conditioning Care: Clean Your Filters

We all know that we should change our air filters because filters are basically the lungs of an air conditioner. If the filter gets too dirty, your cooling system will need to work even harder to cool the air. You could also end up facing dirty and frozen coils if your filter gets extremely dirty.

Make sure that you use the recommended filters for your HVAC system model. You’ll also want to check that you’re replacing them within the recommended time window. HEPA filters are much more eco-friendly and efficient than fiberglass filters, so they could be an investment for your home!

3. Air Conditioning Care: Let Your Unit Rest

The age-old debate returns. When you go on vacation, how high should you set your thermostat? Some believe that it should be at a higher temperature while you’re not home, or that you should just keep it at one continual temperature all year. In reality, you can save the most energy by setting your thermostat a few degrees warmer while the house is empty.

It’s recommended that you set your home’s temperature to 78℉ while you’re at home. This temperature optimizes energy usage, saving you money in the long run. By turning the temperature up while you’re away, you can continue on that efficient path!

4. Seal Any Cracks And Openings In Your Home

One way that your home loses cool air quickly is through gaps. If there are gaps in your windows, door frames or attic, you can lose all of that lovely cold air! It also means that your AC has to work harder and work out more cool air to make up for the escaping air. Insulation and caulking are great ways to seal these caps and prevent air loss.

5. Purchase Window Tints

When sunlight shines through glass, it makes the light more concentrated and warm. If you can change how the sunlight passes through the glass, you can reduce the heat it causes. Applying window tints can reduce the heat in your home, and you can even set your thermostat a degree higher!

6. Clean Vents Regularly

Just like with air filters, it’s essential to clean your vents. By cleaning your vents, you can ensure that there are no blockages in your home’s airways. And if you have a room with open vents, you can close the door to that room so it cools more quickly!

7. Turn On The Fans

In summer, fans are your friends! Ceiling fans are the best for keeping homes cool and making it so you don’t need your thermostat set too low. Keeping your ceiling fan rotating clockwise will push air downwards, preventing heat from rising. This means that your home’s air will be better circulated and more comfortable.

8. Try Not To Open Doors And Windows

This one is a simple decision. When you have your AC running, minimize how many times you open the door or window. Every time you open a door, cool air rushes out of your home, which will make your AC work harder to compensate. It also helps to avoid using ovens and stoves, because they will re-heat the air that your system worked so hard to cool!

9. Clear The Area Around Outdoor AC Units

If your HVAC unit is outside, it’s crucial to make sure that it has unobstructed airflow. By removing debris, weeds, and plants from the space, you make sure that your system works efficiently. Maintaining this area will keep your system functioning at its peak.

10. Upgrade To A Digital Thermostat

Not only are they cool, digital thermostats are also very energy-efficient! By using a programmable thermostat, you can reduce your electricity bill by up to 15%. This investment will pay for itself in no time.

Humble AC Maintenance

Now that you know these AC-saving tips, it may be time to call in an expert before the heat arrives. If you are looking for a reliable heating and cooling company, look no further than Air Tech of Humble! We pride ourselves on providing fast, professional HVAC services to Texas homeowners. Our skilled technicians are always ready to lend a hand, so give us a call!

The Best AC Tune-Up In Texas!

When our technicians come out to check on your cooling system, you can trust that we’ll fix it all. Our professionals have the skills and tools to ensure that your HVAC system is running steady for years to come! Air Tech of Humble makes AC repairs and tune-ups easy because we fix it right the first time.

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